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A survey of senior executives from large corporations shows that the top ranked key obstacles to innovation are


Difficulties in scouting innovation talents and innovative business operation experts


Lack of efficient channels linking with edge-cutting tech company partners to cooperate on innovation project implementation


Insufficient knowledge and experience in establishing corporate venture capital mechanism to explore external innovation ecosystem


Limited perception of innovation from the perspective of their own organization or industry and lack of whole picture


Deficient mode in organization for innovation implementation in scale sustainably

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CYZONG CORPORATE INNOVATION CONSULTING is a leading corporate innovation consultancy in China. Based on more than a decade of industrial research and entrepreneurial ecosystem building experiences, as well as high coverage of venture capitals, local governments, incubators and innovative start-up networks, we know well about the China market and the industrial development trends. Further more, we understand the challenges in front of corporate innovation movements in many fields including value creation, profit maximization, and scientific management.


We work with change-oriented corporations with genius vision, help them not only make better innovation decisions which are more adapting to the economy and market environment in China, 

but also fuel those decisions launch efficiently.

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