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Porsche China aims to establish and strengthen an innovative culture within the organization, to catch up with the latest trends in China, and to pilot open innovation with external partners to provide Chinese customers excellent driving experience and beyond. 

To support Porsche China’s endeavor we provided, as a close partner in 2019, a package of consulting and activity execution services such as Innovation open day, Innovation trends report, Innovation opportunity workshops and Innovation exhibition, etc. 

During a year of intensive collaboration with us on several programs, Porsche China has not only activated the creative minds of their organization, but also implemented several innovation pilot projects with expectations of real business value. 

Bank client

A Bank client wants to host a series of innovation hackathon events around the subject of its major business to be explored. 

We help the client build “Maker” teams, submit idea proposals and polish prototypes within a week, accomplishing the transformation from ideas to innovation projects. 

The innovation hackathon inspires an innovation culture, helps find many employees with innovative talent, and polishes many high quality proposals for the client. 


Innovation Practice

Auto client

An auto client aims to find innovative startups in automotive related fields to explore new business growth through the collaboration with CYZONE. 

We provide a package of consulting services including interviews with BUs of the client, scouting on startups, and coordination of startups co-working with the client on PoCs, etc. The client has literally achieved innovative business collaborations with those startups and strengthened their power in satisfying customers in China. 

The client has not only implemented their innovation strategy through the collaboration with CYZONE, but also promoted their innovative brand image by consistent communication and operation on the CYZONE platform.


SAP and CYZONE co-release the innovation camp to link startups and unicorns in China, to integrate SAP “Intelligent enterprise” with edge-cutting technologies, and to accelerate final clients’ digital transformation as well as business and technology innovation. 

We help SAP explore innovation scenarios with more than 300 startups and unicorns in China, and some of them have arrived at PoC. The innovation scenarios cross over many industries such as FMCG/ retail, dispersed manufacturing, service, high-tech, energy, etc., and link with many SAP solutions such as “Digital Core(ERP)” , customer experience, digital supply chain, HR, disburse and purchase network, etc. 


Innovation Ecosystem

MFG client

A MFG client wants to decrease the cost of internal incubation and to increase revenue through collaborations of internal incubated projects with external entrepreneurship projects.

CYZONE has provided the client a package of experienced mentors and mature training contents which include entrepreneurship, business plan, product design optimization, etc., and has helped the client build a leading corporate image on innovation incubation.


MuRata wishes to look for innovative AI technologies and to explore the related application scenarios in the Chinese market.

CYZONE co-initiate an AI acceleration program with muRata and help communicate its innovation strategy with the innovation and venture capital groups. 

MuRata also establishes a very efficient channel linking with innovative startups as well as a network with innovation partners. 

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